About us


The property of Synergy Village, also called "Bühler-Farm", has been owned by the family Bühler for almost 600 years. The farm was used as a traditional farm for fruit growing and livestock farming up to the 70s. After the closing of the traditional farm, the property was inhabited by an alternative-minded community of family members and friends. Around the year 2000, the community life fell apart. The property started to be poorly maintained and was more and more neglected for many years. Finally, Devi and Ezra Bühler, the youngest generation of the Bühler-Family, could take over the property and bring back new life to the place.

Up until today, the traditional buildings and artworks on the property are testimony of the long family history. Come and have a look at it!

Who are we?


We are the siblings Devi and Ezra Bühler. In our childhood we grew up on the Bühler-Farm. After years of traveling, studying and working, we decided to come back and take over the property in order to run the place with a new concept.

Ezra originally did an apprenticeship as an electronics technician and later studied electrical engineering at the "Hochschule für Technik" in Rapperswil. He traveled multiple times to Central und South America, to the USA, Australia and Southeast Asia. Devi originally did an apprenticeship as a druggist. Later she studied environmental engineering at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Wädenswil and did the first certificate in adult education (SVEB1). In her professional activity she learned a lot about entrepreneurship. She spent longer periods abroad in Central and South America, Australia, Malta, Fiji and multiple times in Israel.

Our project Synergy Village gives us the opportunity to implement our knowledge and experience in our own project. We are happy to continue having an international life given that Synergy Village is an internationally connected organisation.

What is Synergy Village?

Since 2014, we run the place with our concept Synergy Village. We would like to share this beautiful place with other and make it accessible for everyone to visit. At the same time, we aim to promote sustainability in a future-oriented and modern form. With our main activities we aim to:

  • provide space for intercultural exchange
  • Stimulate creativity, inspiration and self-fulfillment
  • provide opportunities for education and the exchange of knowledge and skills
  • Promote innovation and provide a platform for environmentally friendly technologies

What is our strategy? As the name Synergy Village already indicates, many of our activities are based on the principle of "creating synergies" or simply understood as the idea of "give and take". As for example, the cooperation in student projects: The students have the opportunity to gain experiences in a practical project while we benefit from their ideas and concepts. Or our volunteer opportunity on Workaway: Volunteers help us with their work and knowledge, while we give them the opportunity to learn new things, develop their own ideas, immerse into a new society and meet people from all around the world. An exchange that both sides can benefit from.

Another important element of Synergy Village is the use of international platforms like Airbnb.com, Workaway.info, Facebook, YouTube, Kickstarter, Eventlokale.ch, Pinterest, Instagram etc. This enables us to connect the place internationally und use the newest innovations of the online society.

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