International Meeting Place

In Synergy Village, people from all around the world with different cultural backgrounds come together. Travelers, Business people, small families, exchange students or just curious people who would like to see the place - they all come and go and are always welcome. Naturally, a feeling of community evolves between the people who are visiting at the current time.


In the summer season (June - September), we rent out our rooms on a daily basis. Please find the different rooms, availability, current rates, photos and the booking system on

In the winter season (October - May), we rent out the rooms inexpensively on a monthly basis. Please download the application form with more information. Contact us directly if you are interested in renting.


Synergy was an amazing place to visit. With nature being in your backyard and the energy of everyone was great. I was in thr dormitory but felt as if it was my own private room. train station is a 2 minute walk and just little time going to the city of zurich. I would definitely stay again. Lorenzo, October 2015
I absolutely loved my stay at Synergy Village. It was one of the most unique and beautiful experiences of my life and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be part of this little ever changing and electric community. Thanks for everything! Caroline, October 2015
Synergy is the best booking we made our whole trip. There were people traveling from all over. They were awesome to meet. The volunteers are fantastic. Kitchen is also available for the thrifty-eat or all you cooks out there. We befriended "Lila" the cat and she would show us around the huge property. Tons of great lounge areas. Highly recommend the lookout point and taking a hike down to lake Zurich. There was a yoga class offered. The room was fantastic. We had a private double room. The decor was simple and stylish. Very clean. Very homie. You won't regret booking here. Kasey, September 2015