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Synergy Village

A place to stay and gather

Stay with us

Stay on the idyllic property of Synergy Village. We rent out our 300 year old traditional farm house as group accommodation or for individual travellers. During your stay, you are welcome to explore and enjoy our lush gardens and the close by Lake of Zurich.

Event venue, team outings & retreats

The magic place makes every event a special experience. The renovated barn can be rented for various events and activities, such as private events, workshops, retreats. The centuries-old buildings and charming gardens create a rustic, natural, and artistic atmosphere. On the property, there are various rooms available in the renovated barn and the surrounding gardens.


In the KREIS-Haus visitors can experience how a circular economy works in the construction and living area. From the building materials to the nutrients from wastewater – everything is in the cycle. As a research project, the KREIS-Haus provides a platform for trying out new recyclable technologies and materials and presenting them to the public in the form of a lively model house. In guided tours and workshops, visitors learn more about the construction of the house and as an overnight guest you become part of the research project.

About Synergy Village

Synergy Village is a non-profit association that manages and runs the property in Feldbach, Kanton Zurich. The place is a meeting place for local and international visitors. With our activities we aim to facilitate cultural exchange and provide space to learn and inspire.


Welcoming the world


Creating synergies


Learn and inspire

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